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You can see app Usage, Block apps for specific days and times like working hours, study times.

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Blocking Apps

App Usage Stats

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Easy To Use

App is having great design. Easy to understand and easy to stay protected

Free to Use

App is free to use. More advance features on shop coming soon

Block Apps

Avoid districtions from social, gaming, shopping apps. Stay focused.

App Usage

You can see usage of different apps and then decide apps to block

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Blocking App Recommendations

We give blocking app recommendations based on your app usage so you can avoid distractions from social, gaming, shopping apps and Stay focused on your work.
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App Usage

You can see your usage of different apps and then decide apps to lock.

App Limit

You can set Limit of apps predecided. So We will block you from profile apps.

Easy Profiles

You can create your productivity profiles when you want no distraction so you can focus on your work or study.

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Easy to use.

Free to use.

Block apps.

Easy Profiles.

Avoid Distraction of social
Avoid distraction of gaming
Avoid distraction of shopping apps
Reduce cell phone adiction